Kingsview Optical - Precision Optics UK Design and Assemblies Manufacturer

Kingsview Optical is a UK based company that has been specialising in the design and production of precision optical components and assemblies since 1996. In that time we have achieved a reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing. We are a manufacturer and supplier of optical components and assemblies that are used in the aerospace and defence industries. We also supply lenses, prisms and other optical components to specialist tool manufacturers and other commercial organisations.

In-house Opto Mechanical Design

Using the latest software such as Zemax Optic Studio, Essential Macleod and Solidworks. Kingsview can offer the full service to take your project from an idea to a fully working prototype. If you would like to discuss your project please don't be afraid to get in touch!

Optical Component Fabrication

Kingsview has the machining capacity to produce virtually any optical component in-house. This gives us the opportunity to provide a fast turnaround service, as we are not reliant on any third party supplier or sub-contractor.

Metalwork Machining

Kingsview doesn't just have glass fabrication capabillity it also has metalwork at our site enabling us to manufacture assemblies and tooling.  This gives us full control over the entire manufacturing process to make sure the quality of the product is to a high standard and delivered quickly.  

Optical Coating

Kingsview also has Optical coating capabillity with 4 different chambers of different sizes with a full automated systems in place enabling us to perform multi layer coatings consistenly time and time again.

Clean Room Assembly Areas

In addition, we have recently constructed a high-quality clean room within our offices at Rye Harbour. This enables us to construct sealed optical assemblies in a dust-free environment. Kingsview has experience of assembling large production runs of up to 52,000 for the Defence industry. This experience has enabled us to put together production and inspection plans ensuring the quality is maintained throughout. 

Refurbishment and repair

Our clean room facility also enables us to provide a lens and prism refurbishment service. We are able to repair polish and apply multi-layer coatings to many types of optical component and, if necessary, we can remake damaged components that are beyond repair.

High Quality Standards

Kingsview is totally committed to quality and is ISO 9001:2008 registered for the following scope: The  manufacture, repair and supply of precision optical components and assemblies for commercial, aerospace & defence applications

Scientific & Optical Instruments

Kingsview has acquired the rights to manufacture & supply the instruments previously produced by The Precision Tool & Instrument Company (PTI). This includes measuring microscopes, cathetometers & spectrometers to name but a few.


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